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Finding a great attorney to represent you in a motorcycle accident case can be complicated.  BETTMANN HOGUE LAW FIRM handles all aspects of the special needs that arise in motorcycle accident cases. Every year, thousands of injuries or deaths occur as the result of unfortunate motorcycle accidents caused by other drivers. When an insurance company reviews your claim or when the jury hears your case, the question of your own negligence often arises. This creates a problem because vehicle collision cases usually involve automobiles, trucks or other vehicles with more than 2 wheels. The most commonly used accident reconstruction methods are primarily applied with the 4-wheeled vehicle in mind. Substantial differences in vehicle weight, tire size, tread pattern, road conditions, equipment condition, weather and rider skill are all critically important factors that must be analyzed from their unique perspectives in cases involving motorcycle injury or death. Those attorneys or insurance adjusters unfamiliar with motorcycles and their operation frequently overlook many of these critical factors. This results in your claim being seriously devalued or, worse yet, completely disregarded.

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If you want the best representation in a motorcycle case, your lawyer should be an experienced rider. Attorneys Bettmann and Hogue are both long time and highly experienced motorcycle enthusiasts with combined experience in a wide variety of motorcycles (as well as off road vehicles and ATVs). They know what you know as riders. When you have a lawyer at your side that has firsthand knowledge of the operation, maintenance, use and handling of a motorcycle under virtually all road and traffic conditions, and the trial skills necessary to present your claim in a courtroom if necessary, you will have the winning edge.


These types of claims are frequently done on a “contingency fee basis”. This means that while costs incurred in pursuing your claim may be subject to reimbursement, there is no fee or charge to you unless we are successful in making a recovery on your claim. Contact us for more information and a FREE initial evaluation with no obligations.

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Motorcycle accident


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